Tuesday, October 4, 2016

10 Tips to Combat Writer’s Block

     As a writer at one time or another, you will experience the dreaded writers' block. It's inevitable that all writers have faced it. I know I have over the years. I have also learned some different and creative ways to help combat writers' block that has worked effectively for me.

Tip 1:  Set a Deadline=

    What does this have to do with getting over writers' block that it deserves the number one spot? Well nothing actually, unless you count the fact that some of us will use writers' block as an excuse to walk away from our writing for long periods of time. If you place a deadline on yourself for finishing what you are writing, you will then know that you need to figure out an effective way to get beyond this dry spell and get back to work. I know from my own personal experience in writing that creating a deadline since I am a self-published author has helped me in completing four books so far and the fifth book is almost completed.

    If you currently have a traditional publisher then this probably won't be a problem for you because they normally give you a deadline, but if you self-publish this could be a roadblock if you don't put yourself on a deadline.  So first, what you need to do is decide how long it will take you to write whatever you're going to write.  Then give yourself a realistic deadline, and write it on a calendar if you need to. Keep in mind, though that this is subject to change because things do happen in life that could delay what you are writing about, but don’t under any circumstance let writers' block be one of them.

Tip 2:  Write out an Outline. =

    Outlining whatever you are writing before you start can help you to figure out where you want to take whatever you are writing to its final conclusion.  It will also help when dealing with writer’s block to be able to review your outline. Doing this just might inspire another idea of where to take your writing next.

Tip 3: Edit what has already been written. =

    If you are stuck; like say the middle of what you are writing, you might want to stop and just take the time to edit what has been already written before it. This could not only get some of the editing done; but once again, help to inspire you with an idea of what should happen next.  (Just be careful here that you don't get overly caught up in editing that you forget about trying to finish what you are currently writing).

Tip 4: Write something else. =

    If you have reached a spot in whatever you are writing where you are having difficulty coming up with something; but yet, you know about something else that is coming later in whatever you are writing about, then work on that chapter.  I can personally attest to doing this when I am writing and this has helped a whole lot.

Tip 5 Take a walk. =

    Sometimes in order to get the creative juices working again, you need to take a break. This is a very effective way to clear your mind. I have found that in some of my moments of writers' block this has helped a great deal. There is something about being out walking and getting some air; as well as a change of scenery that works wonders in combating writer's block. I can highly recommend this one.

Tip 6Go to the Bathroom. =

    Yes, I am sure many of you are getting a good laugh out of this one, but there is something about that room that really helps clear the mind. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that it's one of the few places where a person can go to be alone. Think about it, don’t you find a hot, bubble bath or even a hot shower relaxing? Let’s face it; this room has been nicknamed the restroom for a reason. (lol)

Tip 7:  Do some house work=

    There are a lot of things you can do like; cook, vacuum, do laundry, gardening, etc.  In other words do something else constructive, (but something that is repetitive), to where you can maybe think about your writing while doing it.  This can help to give you ideas as well; plus, you're getting some work done around the house while you're doing it.

Tip 8Watch some TV or listen to some music=

    This generally will put your mind on something else, but then at times this is a good thing to do.  Television and music can be inspiring in their own way. I can’t begin to count how many ideas I’ve gotten while watching TV or listening to music. Programs on television and some music can actually be quite inspiring to writers; so use it!

Tip 9Talk to someone about your writer's block. =

    I consider myself lucky for having two fellow self-published authors in my family. When I am having writer's block they are always there to listen to me and to offer suggestions.  We generally throw ideas at each other and hatch out scenes. We have also played out scenes in books to help come up with how they should go. In other words, one of us will play one character and someone else another. This can be fun, but can also help to make a scene come to life, and also sound quite natural. So if you have someone who you are close to who is interested in your writing, talk to them and get input when you have writers' block.  The odds are they will be able to help you come up with ways to move past your writers' block. (Internet writing forums might help you with this as well).

Tip 10Meditate or take a nap. =

    Sometimes your brain just needs time to rejuvenate. Sleeping can be a great thing because; once again, there are writers' such as myself who have had dreams that have inspired books or even ideas for books.

    So whatever you do during a writers' block moment, the key to getting past it is not to let it get you down which causes you to abandon what you are writing.  Remember most writers' write for the joy of it; not because they have to.  

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