Thursday, October 6, 2016

My Dreams vs. My Fears

     Many people have dreams of doing, or having great things in their lives.  People will tell you what they wish for, and will tell you that they hope that they will have it one day.  But, the one thing I hear a lot from people is that although they want something, they usually have an excuse for why they don't have it right now.  I can relate to some of these people because I have tried rationalizing in my own brain why I don't have certain things that I have dreamt of having in my life.  I think the fear of failure is always the limiting factor that most people live with.  Former, Basketball Superstar, Charles Barkley phrased it greatly when he said, and I quote: "If you are afraid of failure, you don't deserve to be successful."  I had to read that several times to myself before I realized that maybe some of what I wanted wasn't exactly what I wanted in the end. 

     I also saw another phrase from someone anonymous that read:  "Success… occurs when your dreams become bigger than your excuses."  I keep a copy of this above my desk and read this often.  Let's face it we can always think up excuse after excuse to why we're not doing what we really should be.  We can always think of reasons to why someone else is more successful than us.  A lot of times we say they are just lucky; but we never think about what they probably had to deal with to get where they are.

    Every morning we all get up out of bed and we try to start off with a positive outlook, but usually at the end of the day, we are just too tired to even think about our wishful dreams.  So many of us will just continue on day after day with the same boring routine while finding that we are not happy with what we are doing.  This happens a lot with self-published authors because when you're writing your book you often times wonder if anyone will read it or whether you are just wasting your time day after day on writing something that might never be read by the masses.  Plus, it's hard to write every day when doubt creeps in and makes you think that you are probably only writing to thin air.  I am sure some of the greatest authors around started out this way so as a self-published author you have to just make a decision to write for the pure love of it and throw caution to the wind.  You just never know you might be sitting on the next best seller.

   So the real big question is and I repeat:  When are your dreams going to become bigger than your excuses?

    This is definitely some food for thought, don't you think?

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