Thursday, October 20, 2016

Self-Publishing vs. Publishing

There has never been a better time to publish your work.  Are you a person who likes to write and are sitting basically on your writing.  I remember I wrote my very first book in third grade, and I have to admit it was pretty terrible.  Of course, at that time I thought it was the best thing I ever did.  As I grew into my teen years I continued to write and always felt as if my stories were getting better and better.  Yes, many of them usually went into drawers and never saw the light of day.  It wasn't until about twenty years ago that I actually tried finding an agent to try to get my work sold to a publisher.  If you've ever tried doing this then you know this was almost impossible.  I mean, take J.K. Rowlings, who published the infamous Harry Potter series.  It took her thirteen tries before her first Harry Potter book got accepted.  As for me, back then it never happened.  Don't get me wrong I tried. Heck, I tried a lot.

Fast forward to today in the year 2016', and publishing a book has opened up for anyone who wants to get their work published.  Kindle publishing has changed this for everyone.  In fact, this technology has literally caused a lot of physical book stores to go out of business.  Also, today the convenience and the affordability of owning a tablet or an iPhone make publishing a book through electronic transfer extremely in demand.  

So if you're still sitting on the fence, DON'T because of today in the world of publishing it's like a dream come true.  GET PUBLISHED TODAY!

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