Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The (2-Q's) of Being a Successful Published Author

I was recently on a writing forum and one of the continual questions I kept seeing were authors asking how they could get more book sales.  I also kept seeing people asking this other question to them?

"How many books are you selling?"

It seemed that many of them were selling between one or two books.  Now, as an indie author who self-published a few books several years back, I have to admit that this question about getting more book sales had always plagued me.  I guess like most indie authors I always thought if you write a good story they would come.  But, the truth was I had very few come to look or even buy my few books back in 2012' no matter how much social media advertising I did.  I have to admit as much as I loved writing I basically gave up this as a way of making a living income.  So, I just sort of wrote as just a hobby.  Speed up to 2016' and I discovered some very important things about self-publishing and here they are:

The (2-Q's) that every author needs to succeed in selling more books and gaining a fan following:

Q-1 =Quality
Q-2 =Quantity

Believe it or not, you cannot have one of the Q's without the other if you expect to make it as a self-published author.  Now, there are a few people who managed to be successful with just one or two books such as E.L. James with her "Fifty Shades of Gray" novel, but these successes are so few and far between.  Ms. James did self-publish "Fifty Shades of Gray" in the beginning but this book was discovered by a traditional publishing house which in turn made it the household phenomenon that it has become today.

So if you are wondering what you have to do if that publishing house doesn't come knocking and you want to succeed as a self-published author, you have to remember the (2-Q's).  So with all of this in mind, if you don't have at least 20 to 30 books for sale then chances are your one or two books aren't going to make a continual income for you.  I don't care how much social media advertising you do, the income you make will not be enough unless you have written a book that you know will draw a huge audience, and I have to admit that most of the time this doesn't happen.

Then there is the quality of the stories that you are presenting.  They say that there are six reasons why a book will convert into a sale and they are:

·       an amazing Book Cover
·       Book Title (They say that one to four words is best for a title).
·       a synopsis that draws the reader to want to read your story.
·       The look inside sample of your book. (The first 10%) is what Amazon will allow your reader to read for free.
·       Your price point.  (If you are self-published you really need to think about this.  You just can't sell your book at a high price if no one knows you.  You generally have to start low until you gain a fan following).
·       Reviews (This is a tough one if you are starting out.  But if you can give some free books out to readers and ask if they would give you a review you might be able to obtain the reviews that you need to help sell your book.  Please note:  This can also backfire on you if someone doesn't like your book and gives it a poor rating).

·       Although this was not listed as a conversion for selling your book it is one that I feel is extremely important to the indie author and that is KEYWORDS you attach to your book at the time of publishing it.  If you are selling your book on amazon this is critical because amazon is basically a search engine in itself; so this is how people will search for a book.  There are many videos on youtube.com that talk about amazon keywords and you should check some of them out before publishing your book.

So the end, if you are a self-published author and you want to know how to get more sales just remember the (2-Q's) = Quantity and Quality and you will find that you are on your way to becoming a successful published author.